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Cosmic Servant

by goldenSpiral

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Zero-G Funk 03:55
Eraserhead 05:02
Written and Performed by goldenSpiral: VERSE 1: Bass hit you make you taste blood Smoke sacred never waste bud Well known among the ladybugs Cuz Eraserhead-city give me crazy love Same block where they lace bud I’m in the ‘stu’ tuning bass up If I’m running late I’m worth the wait cuz Never been the same as all these fake fucks When i see ‘em I don’t say much I just hit ‘em with the face punch Mistakes used to make my face numb Now the faith set the pace of my bass drum Space Cadet make the woofers in the place hum And the signal flow thru ‘em like a ray gun We make asses shake in the name of All those praying that we make it VERSE 2: Ayo, let me see your tentacles Nestled up in your reciprocals If I offend you then I meant to Unsettling the over-sentimental Cause the temple’s all mental Encircles me wherever I been to Stuck with me through all that I’ve been through And I’ll be in it no matter where I’m sent to So please forgive me if I tempt you If you want I’ll put you on to what I’m hip to Just don’t let me get up in that dress, girl Cuz it’ll be days till your legs stop trembling Just let it set the rhythm that you’re stepping to To get the message that I’m sending you You know it’s heavy and it’s meant to be But it’s a blessing and we’re blessed Lord, I’m telling you
Dope Tribe 04:37


The 3rd solo studio album from Philadelphia-based electronic/hip-hop producer & visual artist goldenSpiral.
Album Art by goldenSpiral


released May 8, 2018


all rights reserved



goldenSpiral Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly-based hip-hop/electronic producer and visual artist. Self-proclaimed "Cosmic Servant" determined to blur the lines between audio and visual mediums in art. Known to move the mind and body at the same time. Now 3 studio albums and 7 music videos deep, he's been building his live band format, opening for artists like OTT, Ghostface Killah, and Space Jesus. ... more

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